Here's why we are different.

Established in 2006 by Ng Eng Keong David with his racing buddies. Who has since migrated overseas. Motto to make buying and selling cars a more simple and transparent transaction.

Simply Cars Pte Ltd has achieved 3 awards:


-- 2012 Asia Pacific Brands Award 

-- Promising SME 500 2012 in 2012 

-- Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2011

Escrow Payment

We are the first and only car dealer that offer ESCROW account. This is to safeguard the interest of the buyers. Basically your deposit or money due for payment are firmly secured by the lawyers. Without your permission, Simply Cars could not use the money at all times. Your money as good as keeping in the bank. Just like buying and selling of houses.


We are the pioneer and only one company in Singapore that allows you to pay directly to our exporters. Thus there are no exchange rate losses due to banking issues. Simply Cars "show hands:" at the whole transaction. From buying to shipping to even registration, all the cost are illustrated to owners. There are NO markup. We merely earn a small commission for the whole process.


Our warranty are backed by Insurance Co. One of main phobia of buying from Parallel Importers are the after sales service or otherwise known as back up service. Our warranty are assured by Insurance Co

BTO Cars

Built To Order cars. Cars in Singapore are expensive. Buying cars from Standard showroom are either buying things in cat that are often not needed or else very low specification cars. We Simply Cars understand your need.. We take extra effort to built the specifications that tailored to your needs and wants.


We will quote 14 insurance co quotes for you to compare and choose which insurance co tailor to your needs. One man meat is another poison. Customer can choose which insurance co they will choose.

+65 6366 3322 | 10 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 2, #01-27 FIRST EAST CENTRE SINGAPORE 417868